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Rocket Man Geoff takes to the skies again!

Following the success of last year’s parachute jump, our daredevil honorary secretary Geoff Wallis will be celebrating his 65th birthday this August by ‘flying’ across Penrhyn Quarry in Snowdonia at up to 100 mph on Europe’s highest and fastest zip wire. Geoff will be zipping along 500ft above the ground in order to raise money […]

Clevedon Court Garden Party raises over £4,000

A fantastic sum of over £4,000 (including Gift Aid) was raised for BPT at the annual garden party held at Clevedon Court on Saturday 3rd May 2014. Clevedon Court, now a National Trust property, is one of the most interesting historic houses in England with its medieval Great Hall, Library, Museum of Elton glassware and […]

Annual Report 2013

2013 was an action-packed year for Bulgarian Partners Trust – here are just a few of the fundraising events and activities that took place this year… Fundraising Roundup 2013 The Bulgarian Partners Trust was registered in 2003 so we have now supported the construction of the new Social, Medical, and Training Centre and Feeding Station […]

Over £40,000 raised by Bristol to Sofia Bike Ride

They did it! On 18th October 2013, Richard, Mark and Tedi reached Sofia safe and sound. The Bristol to Sofia Cycle Ride was completed ahead of schedule in just three weeks, although Richard returned home part-way through when sadly his mother was taken ill and passed away. Tedi Oprenov took his place, and Richard was able […]

Building Progress Report

First floor – main entrance and medical center On this picture you can see Tenio (a member of our church) putting the tiles on the floor. At present he is doing most of the work at the church – painting, gluing tiles, plastering, bricklaying… He and his family are new members in our church; I […]

Surprisingly this is fun!

How long would it take you to paint the ceilings and walls in every room in your house?  A month?  A year?   The painted surfaces in the new Centre are equivalent to 20 houses, and they are all being painted by volunteers, saving an estimated  £15,000.  Most of the work is being done by the […]

The future medical centre

The future Medical Centre is another part of Sofia Baptist Church’s vision. Dr. Antoaneta Todorova (known as Toni) is a redoubtable lady who has already established a medical centre elsewhere and has become known for her robust, no-nonsense medical care of the children on the Church’s summer camps in the mountains. Together with a medical […]

Feeding the homeless

Food Relief

Nikolai has a broken leg but can’t afford treatment.  At the age of 60 he is job-less and homeless. Every day he comes to a park near the railway station in Sofia for a cup of soup and some bread.  But today is different and exciting: a local bakery called Bella has donated some ‘banitsa’, […]

Annual Report 2011

Last year we were shocked by the tragic story of young Kinche, a girl from Berkovitsa orphanage befriended by an older man, forced into prostitution and brutally killed. By contrast this year Klavdia, a girl from the same orphanage has started training as a nurse.  Sponsorship from supporters in Norway provided Klavdia with extra coaching […]