Job Centre

One of the biggest challenges facing members of the Roma community is that of finding employment.

This is largely due to a widespread suspicion of this ethnic group and poor levels of education.

The other group that is not adequately prepared for employment are those young adults leaving orphanages at the age of 18. Often still illiterate, and with no life skills or vocational abilities, these young people are incredibly vulnerable and without support will easily fall prey to criminal gangs.

The centre hopes to help these groups by giving vocational training and support through the employment process.


The project has already shown its commitment to these groups by having an active policy to recruit Roma labour where appropriate. 

Providing Jobs


This is Georgi. Previously long term unemployed, he has now been employed as a plasterer on the project and is able to provide for his family.

Many people from the Roma community have worked on the building project.

Gypsy workers on site - February 2006

Gypsy workers on site – February 2006