Other ways of giving

Leaving a legacy – let your beliefs live on

Leave a legacy to Bulgarian Partners and you will allow the work it does to continue even after you are gone.  Your will can provide practically for those most significant in your life and can enable life to come even from death.

If you’ve already made your will, and want to add Bulgarian Partners to it, you can always add a postscript, or codicil. You’ll need our registered charity number, 1095373.

Special Event Giving

Have you thought about asking friends and family to give to Bulgarian Partners Trust instead of buying you a birthday present? Or adding the option to your wedding list?

If you would like to do this please contact admin@bulgarianpartners.org . We can provide you with donations slips to add to your invitations, a certificate on your big day to celebrate the total raised and thank you cards for those who donated.

As a church

Bulgarian Partners’ main income has always come from individuals and churches. It is vital that churches in the developed world work to empower those churches who work with those most in need, and under persecution.

We want to help you support us as a church and can provide you with information packs, regular updates, Power point presentations and a DVD about our work.

As a company

Companies can support Bulgarian Partners in many different ways, either with one-off gifts or regular giving. Many companies also encourage their employees to take the initiative for fundraising. If you have the opportunity to select a charity that your company will support, why not suggest Bulgarian Partners? If you do, we’re happy to supply posters and materials for your office and information to put in your newsletter.