Scary Paraglider Flight

100’s of feet above ground in south Wales.

No landing gear, no engine, no second-chance!


Paraglid - Geoff Wallis



For my 69th birthday this year I plan to paraglide for about 15 minutes hundreds of feet above south Wales.  I shall be strapped to an instructor, but as the disclaimer form encouragingly says:

‘injuries and death can and do occur in paragliding…’

I had planned to do this last year but the weather conspired against me.

Dear Sponsor,

I have not ‘paraglid’ before, but in the 1970’s I used to solo-fly a hang-glider with a university friend. In those days we could simply jump off a hill, which we did regularly until my mate landed somewhat down-wind at great speed, deploying the only form of undercarriage a hang-glider has, the part of the pilot’s body nearest the ground. This is the only occasion on which I have seen a broken bone sticking outside the body, from his lower arm. He did recover, but regrettably retired from hang-gliding soon after, and as it was his hang-glider I had to retire too.

Paraglid 2 - Geoff Wallis

Paragliders are similar so I invite you to SPONSOR  ME  GENEROUSLY  to compensate for the risks !


Any sum will be greatly appreciated, perhaps £5,  £10, £100, £500 or more !


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