The People

Bulgaria is the poorest EU member state. The average monthly wage is just £106. In contrast, the cost of running a household is £120 per month. This leaves one in eight Bulgarians living below the poverty line and 15% of children living in jobless households.


The knock-on effect of this lasting poverty and unemployment is increasing criminal activity, deteriorating health, a negative birth rate, emigration and corruption.

People at Risk

Bulgaria’s demographic and economic crises have put three groups of people particularly at risk:

  • Children
  • The Elderly
  • The Roma Community

Health facts

  • One in 10 Bulgarians has no access to health care benefits.
  • Mortality rates from chronic conditions have increased, as have deaths from trauma.
  • Stroke mortality is six times the EU average.
  • Only 55% of the cost of medical services is covered by the National Health Fund.