Bulgarian Partners main income has always come from individuals and churches. It is vital that churches in the developed world work to empower those churches who work with those most in need, and under persecution.

Cairns Road Baptist Church

“As a UK church that is very involved in Bulgaria we see the work of BPT from both ends and we continue to be impressed with its effectiveness and high standards. Although working in areas fraught with potential difficulties, the trust has remained a very significant support to the work in Bulgaria largely through its strong relational links to Bulgarian leadership and desire to serve their agenda rather than impose its own. It is highly creative in its approach; it is innovative in the face of changing challenge; it has a clearly defined and understood vision and does all its work to a high standard and with considerable commitment.”

Cairns Road Baptist Church, Bristol, UK

Emmanuel Baptist Church

“Our church supports the work of The Bulgarian Partners Trust because we both have the same objectives: To support the oppressed, help the underprivileged and marginalised and to introduce them to Jesus by showing them God’s Love in action.

Emmanuel Baptist Church, Swanage, UK

Hillview Evangelical Church

The Youth Group at Hillview Evangelical Church became involved in raising awareness of the situation in Bulgaria after watching the DVD ‘Building Hope’.

They have also fundraised for the centre by holding a car wash and cake stall and two members staged a sponsored drumathon!

“We want to help change the lives of children who don’t have the privileges that we do”