Annual Report 2011

Last year we were shocked by the tragic story of young Kinche, a girl from Berkovitsa orphanage befriended by an older man, forced into prostitution and brutally killed.

By contrast this year Klavdia, a girl from the same orphanage has started training as a nurse.  Sponsorship from supporters in Norway provided Klavdia with extra coaching and training in presentational skills, whilst Teddi and Didi Oprenov provided practical help and guidance.

Claudia an orphan who wants to train as a nurse - July 2011

Klavdia an orphan who wants to train as a nurse – July 2011

When the new Centre is finished it is hoped many more young people like Klavdia will be given the opportunity they would not have had in the state system to follow the career of their choice.

Literacy Classes

Former class-leader Plami gave birth to her first baby early in the year, and is on maternity leave, Stephie has taken her place, supported by Daffi who is also a professional teacher.  Up to seventeen youngsters attend for three hours twice a week for basic education and training in social skills.  Each follows a personal development plan and is encouraged to return to, or start the state school system as soon as they feel able to do so.

Traian with teacher Stephi - Literacy classes  Dec 2011

Traian with teacher Stephi – Literacy classes Dec 2011

First meeting in the Centre

On 12th December some 80 people from the Church met for the first time the new Centre for a candle-lit service with music provided by hand-bells.

The building was very cold, and everyone had to stand, but Teddi Oprenov, leader says, ‘The praise, the prayers and the overwhelming excitement about the future was something that I find difficult to describe in words. Many prayed asking for a miracle to happen, so that we could open and dedicate the building before Christmas 2012’.

First meeting in the new Centre - Dec 2011

First meeting in the new Centre – Dec 2011


Several large donations were received from wonderfully generous friends who have watched progress, checked out the value for money, seen the good being done already in terms of employment and focus on action to help the disadvantaged in Bulgaria. Despite the recession just over £100,000 was donated to the Project in 2011, 10% MORE THAN IN 2010 !
As a result the rate of construction on the building has increased!

 Progress on the Social, Medical & Training Centre

Progress in 2011 has been amazing and very visible. The top two floors of offices are nearly finished, the marble steps are complete in the feeding centre, and are being fitted on the two complex staircases in the main building.  The stage and tiered seating in the auditorium have been built, plumbing and tiling in the numerous toilets are well advanced, and everywhere suspended ceilings, doors, and miles of cabling are being fitted. The Schindler lift, a major item of expenditure of over £25,000, is installed and passed its certification tests two days before Christmas. It is now operable, but sealed to keep it pristine for opening day.

We again thank our visionary architects Luidmil and Diana Konakchiev who have continued to provided  professional oversight for the construction, whilst also coping with the birth of their first baby Julian which has made a dramatic change in their lives,. How proud of his mummy and daddy he will be when ‘their’ new Centre is completed!

Ludmil and Diana who are architects for the Centre - July 2011

Ludmil and Diana who are architects for the Centre – July 2011

Over the Mountain Appeal Musala Trek 2011

Didi, Geoff and Lewis’s epic trek across Mount Musala in July covered about 50Km over the five days, mostly in sunny, calm weather, but with one spectacular thunder storm. For Didi’s painful story check out the hundred photos on her Facebook page dimitrina.oprenova. She did eventually recover, and our sponsors donated over £20,000 in total.

Didi having a well earned rest on Mt Musala

Didi having a well earned rest on Mt Musala

Prayer Events

Thanks again to Rachel and Andrew Green for organising and hosting our regular prayer events this year.

 Give a £1K Appeal

By giving just £ 20 per month you can donate £1,000 to the project over three years.  Our regular donors continued to make a big difference by providing a regular income of over £1,000 per month.

 Sale of Christmas gift-cards raised £300. Thank you purchasers!

Barbara’s left-overs. A retired lady in Chippenham dislikes her purse being over-loaded with small change so on her return from shopping puts it in a container for charity. This year she gave us £10.

E-bay sales Thank you Mary Morgan for your diligent input and donating much more than the actual proceeds!  Mary has now moved house, so we are seeking another volunteer to sell stuff on e-bay. Please, can you help?  I’ll provide all the necessary info and dispatch the items; all you need to do is place & progress the adverts.


Kite Kids Ltd of Poole Dorset has kindly donated over 150 amazingly soft new fleeces for orphanage youngsters.  They are manufactured from organic cotton, reducing the need for pesticides, and incorporate planet-friendly recycled polyester (actually plastic bottles) so reduce landfill! They will be very popular in the cold mountains where some of the orphanages are hidden.  Thank you Ally and colleagues. Obtain a 20% discount on Kite’s new Spring Summer 2012 collection, available now by entering promotional code BPT20 at the website checkout on

Kite Kids Ltd

Fair Investment Company  

Despite a difficult trading year the Fair Investment Company have generously continued to provide administrative help and keep our web-site updated.  Thank you again James, David and Kate. Check out

 How can I help ?

  • Pray.
  • Tell others about the Project.
  • Invite our speakers to talk about the Project.
  • Join our monthly giving scheme.
  • Organise a fund-raising activity or event.



you are making a big difference in Bulgaria

Geoff Wallis, February 2012