First Service in the Centre

No, not a worship meeting, but a different kind of service altogether.

Now that the shell of the structure is complete, it has to be provided with building services; electrical and water systems, sewerage, heating and air-conditioning.

Electrical services going into the building

Electrical services going into the building

A contract for £100,000 has just been signed with a local company to supply and install just the electrical services right through the Centre.

I am delighted to say that monies unspent from last year and donations so far this year are sufficient to pay for this part of the work, for which we PRAISE GOD.

But ideally all the services should be installed together.  They mostly run together through the building, and you can’t have air-conditioning without electricity, heating without water, or water without sewer pipes!

We are therefore appealing for a further £275,000 to enable all the services to be completed together by the end of 2007.

This is a large sum, and, as in previous years, I have no idea where it will come from.  But since building started in 2004, God has provided over half a million pounds through His generous people, and we know this project remains close to His heart and yours.

If you are able to make a donation large or small, it will help complete the building services.  Remember, in Bulgaria your cash will buy several times more than it can in UK, and we make no deduction from donations for administration.